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At Financial Partners Group, we take great satisfaction in providing healthcare professionals with the latest technology, ensuring their patients get the best possible care.

We work with physicians, dentists, aestheticians, nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and everyone in-between. We are a bridge to quality care helping businesses expand their services and drive value.

Today’s healthcare landscape is one in which the consumer, or patient, is highly involved. Which means to stay competitive, it’s critical to offer advanced services and diagnostics. When you’re able provide more services in-clinic, it provides your patients with value and convenience—both of which are essential to create loyalty and customer retention.

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Driving Multidisciplinary Success

Have you’ve considered expanding your clinic to offer additional services? If so, FPG’s equipment financing can provide solutions without compromising cash flow.

Studies have shown that multidisciplinary clinics are preferred by both patients and clinicians alike. The more services and specialties that can be offered under one roof, the easier it is to coordinate care. When barriers are removed, health outcomes improve, supporting better communication and shortening time-to-result.

Experience. Insight. Commitment.

Our close relationships with medical and diagnostic equipment dealers, distributors, and manufacturers make it easy for healthcare organizations, clinics, and hospitals to take their business to the next level.

Our healthcare industry equipment financing specialists understand the industry, and know what it takes to create value and drive growth.

Working closely with your team, FPG will craft tailored solutions that meet your needs. We don’t see our role as simply facilitating a financial transaction, but improving the quality of care for the patient, the organization, and for the manufacturers alike.

Determining the best way for your business to grow is what we do best. Our highly trained, highly dedicated staff is skilled at finding the best financing options and the most competitive rates to support your growth. Possible starts here.

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We have some of the most competitive rates and creative financing programs around – and a 90% approval ratio.

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