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Section 179 allows you to subtract the cost of certain types of assets from your balance sheet. Qualified purchases can be written off as an expense during the purchase year.

Whether leased or purchased, equipment may still qualify for the deduction under Section 179. The major difference – cash flow. Leased equipment allows you to pay less upfront, pay monthly, and still receive 100% deduction under section 179 – lowering out of pocket expenses.



Remember: to meet the tax deduction, the qualified assets must be in use by December 31 of the tax year.

Partners Panel: Section 179
Discussing the Benefits

You could be leaving up to $1,000,000 of equipment tax deductions on the table.

Watch this quick 20 minute discussion featuring tax professionals and business owners as they discuss; what Section 179 and maximizing deductions means for your business, how investing in medical equipment could represent significant tax savings, and ways you can prepare and calculate your potential savings.