Vendor Finance Program

Financial Partners Group tailors financing products to meet the unique requirements of your highly specialized customer base. Our ultimate goal is to become an extension of your sales team as a trusted partner, providing a value-added resource and closing tool to satisfy financial and budgetary objectives.

As part of the Financial Partners Group family, you will benefit from our industry knowledge, responsive credit decisions, and highly personalized service. FPG’s vendor equipment financing team is among the most dedicated in the business.

Agility is in Our DNA

Our ability to deliver quickly and consider individual needs represents a significant advantage for your customers. We craft tailored leasing solutions that work—both for you and your clients. We begin with an initial consultation, determining the right financial products for both your sales team and end-user.

We then move to building those products, distributing them to your sales team along with any necessary training to ensure success. We conduct Quarterly reviews to determine performance and identify where improvements are needed.


Benefits of FPG Vendor Financing

Our unique combination of experience, insight, and specific industry expertise provides you with the tools you need to advance your reach and compete with top players in your niche.

Industry Expertise

Our in-depth knowledge of your industry niche is as important to your customers as it is for you. FPG brings more than two decades of equipment leasing experience in our core verticals. We aim to be your trusted finance partner, offering you the peace of mind and certainty you need to close the customer.

Expedited Sales Cycles

A vendor equipment financing program provides your customers with more growth opportunities. Instead of selling the total cost of the equipment or technology they need, you’re offering them a manageable monthly payment that achieves demonstrable ROI very quickly. In many cases, this justifies larger equipment purchases than would be possible otherwise.

Customer Retention

A seamless, expedited process ensures customer success, inviting customer loyalty and improved retention.

  • Digital quotes on-demand — Help your sales teams close faster with instant quotes.
  • Online submission — Credit applications are fast and simple from any device.
  • DocuSign® — Facilitates fast and convenient document processing and funding decisions.
Cash Flow is King

Tying up company resources in costly equipment purchases is not conducive to growth. Our financing options often require zero money down, meaning that your customers can take delivery of their equipment immediately and start generating revenue from it. With the ability to offer the latest technology, your customers have a reliable platform by which to grow, scale, and compete in today’s value-driven industry landscape.

Vendor Equipment Financing is The Future

Vendor equipment financing is more than just a trend. Manufacturers who offer equipment leasing and financing services have a definite edge in making major buying decisions. 

Faced with the choice of whether to finance or purchase outright, most of your ideal buyers will finance as it offers better value, allowing them to provide value to their clientele while preserving cash flow.


We have some of the most competitive rates and creative financing programs around – and a 90% approval ratio.

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