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find the right equipment finance partner.

Provide a variety of financing options with a range of capabilities and a heavy dash of helpfulness.

From people who rank the support and success of others as the baseline and reliability and dependability are a shared position.

Where knowledge matters. Because a deep understanding of an industry and practical experience with its’ equipment is what makes you truly helpful. While having the ability to adapt to changing market conditions, offer finance options to accommodate changing circumstances, and respond to the evolving needs of your customers.

Because in the end, it all builds strong relationships. To help everyone grow.

Chris Haskins

Finance Manager

It’s not just about speed and efficiency, it’s about partnerships

Here means we are available when you need us, it means we are responsive to your request, and we are on standby as your partner, ready when you call.

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Partnerships are about listening to each other and working together to accomplish a common goal, and your goal may not always be to have just one origination partner – we’re here for that. FPG works with vendor manufacturers in all capacities, as a single source origination partner -or- as part of a group of origination partners that meet your needs and help you grow.

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Grow your business with the help of FPG’s origination platform. With digital applications and straight-through processing, you’ll expedite operations and close deals faster while delivering an experience that customers expect of companies.

Let’s not spend 7.6 days waiting for your customer to get financing approval from their bank. Sales cycles matter; get same-day approvals with access to 50+ lenders.

54% of buyers have “prime” credit for financing. What happens to the other 46% of buyers…with a 90% approval rating and a network of 50+ lenders, we help ’em all.

A network of 32 lenders means 32 partnerships created to support vendors and borrowers to access the capital they need to sell and finance equipment.


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