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As a small or medium-sized business owner

You know that having the right equipment is essential for growth. But financing that equipment can be a challenge. That’s where our equipment finance solutions come in.

We make it easier for you to get the equipment you need by offering flexible financing options that match your unique needs. Unlike banks, our solutions are designed to be more flexible and less time-consuming.

We don’t have rigid application requirements, and we work with a variety of credit providers to find the best fit for your business. So, if you’re looking to finance equipment, we’re here to help you grow.

Tax Benefits

Financing equipment allows business owners to take advantage of tax deductions on interest, depreciation, and other expenses. These deductions can help reduce the overall cost of equipment acquisition, making it more affordable.

Cash-flow Matters

For small businesses, cash flow is essential, and financing equipment can help manage cash flow to support the overall business. By using financing options, business owners can spread the cost of equipment over time, making it more manageable.

Better equipment

When financing equipment, business owners can often access better quality tools and machinery than they would be able to pay for upfront. This can lead to better productivity, improved quality, and a more professional image.

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We streamline the finance processes while retaining the human touch and ensuring we have the information and materials needed to get deals done, blending the best of people and machines. A group that believes knowledge and experience drive speed, not algorithms. People knowing the equipment and your needs is how FPG helps you get the best financing options available.

we make it easy

Business owners spend just 32% of their time working on their businesses, and managing lender relationships takes time. FPG’s lender network allows you to devote more time to your business and expand lending options for customers.

Connecting lenders and borrowers is a two-way street, and our deep lending relationships provide access to lenders who support customers across various financial profiles

Understanding collateral value as it relates to the fair market value of an asset in its use to secure equipment financing can be complex – makes you tired just reading it. Thankfully, our team gets it and is consistently expanding and sharpening their knowledge to better enrich their experience.

Let’s not spend 7.6 days waiting to get financing approval from the bank – get same-day approvals with access to 50+ lenders.

Kevin Rice

VP, Client Development

It’s not just about speed and efficiency, it’s about partnerships

Here means we are available when you need us, it means we are responsive to your request, and we are on standby as your partner, ready when you call.


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