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grow through equipment finance.

Equipment financing is an easy way to grow your business.

Providing affordable financing options creates access to your equipment for customers who may not have the capital to purchase the equipment outright -or- who simply want to maintain cash flows.

Plus, you’ll attract customers who are looking for financing options that your competitors aren’t offering. To a better partnership. Helping people feel more comfortable and confident by understanding all available purchasing options.

So, focus on what you do best – delivering high-quality equipment – and let our financing options strengthen your sales process and help you grow.

Jon McBride

SVP, Hard Assets Sales

It’s not just about speed and efficiency, it’s about partnerships

Here means we are available when you need us, it means we are responsive to your request, and we are on standby as your partner, ready when you call.

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Partnerships are about listening to each other and working together to accomplish a common goal, and your goal may not always be to have just one origination partner – we’re here for that. FPG works with vendor manufacturers in all capacities, as a single source origination partner -or- as part of a group of origination partners that meet your needs and help you grow.

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Slow approval cycles can delay a customer’s buying process, impacting your sales cycle and potential revenue. Connect customers to FPG’s network of over 50 lenders and help source the best financing option for them.

Knowledge and experience drive speed, not algorithms. People knowing the equipment and the customer is how FPG helps vendors and customers quickly connect to the right lenders to get the right financing and more deals done.

54% of buyers have “prime” credit for financing. What happens to the other 46% of buyers…with a 90% approval rating and a network of 50+ lenders, we help ’em all.

Grow your business with the help of FPG’s origination platform. With digital applications and straight-through processing, you’ll expedite operations and close deals faster while delivering an experience that customers expect of companies.


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