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Machinery Equipment

a human approach to financing solutions.

Equipment financing may seem like a financial transaction. It’s not. It’s personal, it has a story and meaning. It’s human.

It’s a conversation between individuals who build relationships by truly understanding each other’s situations, challenges, and aspirations. That empathize with needs and work collaboratively to find solutions. And recognize that healthy relationships involve communication and support.

People working with people – not just companies. Taking time to get to know their customers, businesses, and teams. Building real relationships between people that hold more meaning than a transaction.

Hope Phillips

Finance Manager

It’s not just about speed and efficiency, it’s about partnerships

Here means we are available when you need us, it means we are responsive to your request, and we are on standby as your partner, ready when you call.

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people working with people

Partnerships are about listening to each other and working together to accomplish a common goal, and your goal may not always be to have just one origination partner – we’re here for that. FPG works with vendor manufacturers in all capacities, as a single source origination partner -or- as part of a group of origination partners that meet your needs and help you grow.

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54% of buyers have “prime” credit for financing. What happens to the other 46% of buyers…with a 90% approval rating and a network of 50+ lenders, we help ’em all.

Experience with equipment value and type, exposure limits, app-only amounts, varying credit ranges, or corp-only deal structures are necessary. Knowing a borrower’s financial background through self-service underwriting before sourcing financing is essential. Knowledge matters.

Understanding collateral value as it relates to the fair market value of an asset in its use to secure equipment financing can be complex – makes you tired just reading it. Thankfully, our team gets it and is consistently expanding and sharpening their knowledge to better enrich their experience.

Knowledge and experience drive speed, not algorithms. People knowing the industry, equipment, and the person is how FPG helps customers source the right financing and vendors get more deals done.


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