Financial Partners Group, one of the country’s most experienced and diverse commercial equipment leasing partners, was rated #9 in Monitor’s Top Private Independents for 2021.

This milestone is a reflection of FPG’s impeccable team and the internal, as well as external, growth that has compounded within the past year.

In the release, Monitor mentions that Financial Partner’s Group “made the biggest splash, racing its way to No. 9 with $370 million in 2021 new business volume.”

FPG’s President & CEO, Jeff LaLima, was also featured in the release in an exclusive Q&A to discuss the fluctuations in the marketplace and how his leadership, along with strong collaboration and partnerships, has driven the firm towards an upward trajectory of success.

Jeff states, “Keeping pace with 130% growth. We couldn’t scale fast enough. Leadership’s focus quickly became making sure we had the right talent and pieces in place to keep up.”

This recognition is well deserved for FPG’s hard-working and committed team, and the firm looks forward to continue crushing 2022’s goals.

Full release on Monitor Daily.